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Wellness treatments in the medical section

You do not need any entrance ticket for treatments in the medical section.

Dorn massage

During a Dorn massage and in combination with the movements of the guest, vertebrae and joints are mobilized through targeted, gentle pressure.

Back massage, approx. 60 minutes, 85.00 €

Relaxation massage

Allow yourself this soothing back and neck treatment. Feel how your tense muscles give in to the gentle pressure of expert
hands and enjoy the feeling of pleasant looseness and relief.

Back massage, approx. 20 minutes – 26.50 €
Whole-body massage, approx. 30 minutes. – nur 39.50 €

Foot reflexology

The reflex zones situated at the feet are a direct link to all other parts of your body. By gentle pressure on the individual reflex zones, the respective organs and nerve tracts are stimulated. These impulses have a balancing effect on the immune system and the whole organism.
approx. 40 minutes incl. resting period afterwards –  45.50 €

Carbon dioxide mineral bath

In the tub, the natural carbon dioxide is released through small gas bubbles which accumulate on the skin. Through the skin, the carbon dioxide penetrates into the body and unfolds its circulation-enhancing and relieving effect on the cardiovascular system.
A tingling and healthy experience with 100% carbon dioxide spa water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring).

approx. 40 minutes incl. resting period afterwards – 19.50 €

Migraine massage

This special massage against migraine and headache loosens tight zones in the connective tissue due to a special grip technique. The inherent trigger point technique can remedy extreme tension cores and headache can thus be relieved. The shoulder and head muscles are subsequently relaxed in the course of an extremely pleasant head massage.

Approx. 25 minutes, 39.50 €


Tuina massage

The Tuina massage is one of the five pillars of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Blockades in the energy pathways can be loosened so as to increase the Chi, i.e. the energy flow. Yin and Yang are brought into harmony!

Massage, back and legs, approx. 40 minutes incl. resting period afterwards, 43.00 €

Sibyllenbad natural fango – depth effect from the volcano

The agreeable heat in the pleasantly tempered waterbed as well as the heat-retaining effects of our natural fango from volcanic rocks provide for relief and deep relaxation in case of painful joints and tense muscles. The effect is increased by the addition of carbon dioxide containing spa water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring): the natural carbon dioxide increases the effects of the natural fango by improving the blood flow in the treated body parts, strengthening the immune system, encouraging the elasticity of the muscles as well as invigorating the metabolism. As a supplement to the Sibyllenbad natural fango, a comfrey treatment is recommended. For centuries, the medicinal herb comfrey has been known as a remedy against painful joints and muscles, in case of sprains and rheumatism. Already Paracelsus and Hildegard von Bingen used comfrey as a natural remedy. The comfrey root extract is added to the Sibyllenbad natural fango immediately before the treatment so that the medicinal plant can unfold its maximum effect.

Against an extra charge, your prescription for a paraffin fango treatment can be upgraded to a high-quality Sibyllenbad natural fango treatment. The surcharge for comfrey amounts to an additional EUR 0.80.

Partial pack 20.50 €
Comprehensive pack 28.20 €
Surcharge comfrey 0.80 €

Trigger point massage

In the frame of a trigger point massage, local hardenings of the skeletal muscles are remedied.

Approx. 20 minutes, 26.50 €



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