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Carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring)

The Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) naturally regulates the circulation, has a balancing effect on the blood pressure, improves the blood flow in the vessels and counteracts physical and mental strain.

The Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) is prescribed both in the single tub (100 % carbon dioxide spa water) and with a concentration of 30-70 % in the spa water bathing section.

Natural carbon dioxide (CO2) accumulates on the skin surface and penetrates the skin into the body. A slightly reddened skin can be observed which is due to an increased blood flow caused by the penetrating carbon dioxide. Through the increased blood flow in the skin, the carbon dioxide has the following systemic effects:

  • Improved blood flow properties (viscosity)
  • Reduced resistance in certain blood vessels such as head, heart and legs, thus improved blood flow in these areas
  • Reduced heartbeat frequency (pulse rate)
  • Relief of the cardiovascular system
  • Improved oxygen supply of the organs
  • Mental stabilization

Indications for the carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring)

  • Limit value hypertension
  • Condition after stroke
  • Condition after heart attack, dilation of the coronary vessels (PTCA) with or without stent as well as after bypass surgery (ACVB)
  • Cardiac arrhythmia with and without pacemaker
  • Peripheral arterial circulatory disturbances of the legs with skin involvement and reduced walking distance („intermittent claudication”)
  • Neuro-circulatory disturbances, e.g. in case of diabetes (diabetic polyneuropathy)

Carbon dioxide mineral baths can be prescribed – like radon baths – with additional oxygen inhalation. The oxygen is absorbed by the brain, heart muscle and leg muscles and performance is increased in these areas.


Movement therapy in the spa water bathing section

The body is heated up in the exercise pool and the elasticity of the connective tissue, above all in the joint area, is increased, the blood flow is improved and the muscles are relaxed.

The movement therapy in the spa water is of special significance in the Sibyllenbad – in the form of a controlled self-treatment, in the group or as a specific exercise in the exercise pool (individual) in the course of which the therapist works together with the patient in the spa water.

Drinking fountain in the basement

In the basement of the Kurmittelhaus, the guests can help themselves free of charge at the drinking fountain with carbon dioxide spa water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring).


The most important and effective active substances of the carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) per liter of spa water

Dissolved, gaseous substances (mg/l)
Free carbon dioxide (CO2)
Cations (mg/l)
Natrium (Na+)161,5
Calcium (Ca2+)106,9
Magnesium (Mg2+)31,7
Iron (Fe2+ , Fe 3+)2,7
Anions (mg/l) 
Fluoride (F)0,9
Chloride (Cl)72,8
Sulfate (SO4 2-)44,4
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-)775,0
Source temperature in °C



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