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Medicinal water in the Sibyllenbad Spa: carbon dioxide and radon

The medicinal water of the radon spa Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring) can help to achieve long-lasting pain-relief, and the carbon dioxide spa Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) may help patients with cardiovascular disease and stress.

The Sibyllenbad offers two highly effective medicinal waters: water containing radon from Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring), and water with carbon dioxide from Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring). The rare noble gas radon is one of the most effective balneological remedies. Used in the necessary regularity, it reactivates endogenous self-healing powers, improves blood circulation, has analgesic effects, inhibits inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

Radon baths have been practised for more than 30 years in the Sibyllenbad for pain relief in patients with rheumatic, spinal and joint diseases. The baths are prescribed for a minimum of six individual sessions. The costs for a radon therapy are refunded by Germany’s statutory health insurances on a case-to-case basis as out-patient preventive measure (spa treatment), or are paid for privately by patients.

The medicinal carbon dioxide water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) naturally regulates the circulatory system, has a balancing effect on blood pressure, improves vessel circulation, strengthens the heart and counters physical and mental strain. The elasticity of the connective tissue, above all close to the joints, as well as the blood flow are improved and the muscular system is relaxed.

The medicinal carbon dioxide water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) is added to the pools in the spa’s bathing section at a percentage ranging from 50 to 70%. Undiluted medicinal carbon dioxide water can be enjoyed during single bathing sessions. In the basement of the Kurmittelhaus, the guests can help themselves free of charge at the drinking fountain with medicinal carbon dioxide water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring).


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