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Wellness treatments in the Wellness section


All treatments in the wellness section requireat least an entrance to the bathing section.Please make an appointment for your treatment in advance. We are pleased to reserve dates for you and are at your disposal under phone number ++49 (0)9638 933-0

Ayurvedic oil massage

Relaxing and invigorating massage with sesame oil – in order to stimulate the energy flow within the body. Body, spirit and soul in harmony!

Massage, back and legs approx. 30 min. incl. resting period afterwards43.50 €
Full-body massage, approx. 60 min incl. resting period afterwards87.00 €

Calendula massage

The natural ingredients of calendula hav anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, healing, nourishing an protective effect on the skin. Healing for the skin!

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €

Essential pine oil massage

Enjoy the soothing effect of ethereal essential pine oil in a mixture of valuable natural oils.

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €

Exotic dream massage

Enjoy the revitalizing massage with warm almond oil and get enchanted by the exotic scent of mango and coconut. An exotic pleasure for all your senses!

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €


Experience the fascinating combination of massage, energy work and the pleasant effects of hot basalt and cold marble stones.

Back massage, approx. 45 minutes incl. resting period afterwards87.00 €

Lava shell massage

Enjoy the deeply relaxing warmth of the shells during a gentle massage with grape seed oil. Unique relaxation!

Full-body massage, approx. 30 min. incl. resting period afterwards43.50 €

Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian temple massage

„To be touched by the gentle paws of a contented cat“ – this is the meaning of a unique festival for all your senses. Let yourself be carried off to a world of perfect relaxation!

Massage, back and legs, approx. 45 minutes incl. resting period afterwards87.00 €
Whole-body massage approx. 90 minutes incl. resting period afterwards130.50

Pharaoh´s massage

Experience relaxation through expert hands and the caring effects of pure goat butter fluid, healing panthenol and natural aloe vera. Also suited in case of skin irritations!
A royal pleasure for the skin!

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €

Treatment under the sparkling starry sky

Kurland ® Rasul ® Cream Peeling

The presumably most beautiful room in the Sibyllenbad is all dedicated to skin care. Enjoy the sensual scent of valuable oils in a mixture of white medicinal mud. The peeling with Atlantic sea salt and skin-tightening algae extracts makes your skin soft and smooth – a wonderful skin feel lasting for days.
Enjoy silky-smooth skin!

approx. 25 min.25.00 €

Softpacks in the waterbed

The packs in the pleasantly warm waterbed spoil your skin while you relax wrapped in valuable ingredients and soft fleece. Enjoy the care of high-quality creams and oils unfolding their effect while you float weightlessly on the water surface without touching it. Enjoy the caring pack alone or in pairs! Choose your favourite pack independent of your partner, but enjoy together in one room!

Price per softpack and person29.00 €

New: Seaweed pack

Relax with the cleansing power of the sea. This detox pack stimulates your cell metabolism, tightens and smoothes the skin. The algae pack is recommended for dry or pale skin, skin prone to inflammation as well as cellulite and weak connective tissue.

New: Forest peeling

Warm, woody scents are reminiscent of freshly cut wood and juicy bark. The pack is ideal for detoxifying and cleansing the skin. The invigorating scent of the forest has a mentally balancing effect on inner restlessness. The forest peeling is suitable for mild skin irritations, for detoxifying, clarifying and cleansing the skin and for hyperacidity of the skin.

New: South Sea peeling Coco Mango

The combination of rich almond oil and valuable rock powder gently exfoliates the skin and nourishes it intensively. A fruity scent of mango and coconut pampers the senses. The peeling has a moisturizing, skin-refining and soothing effect. It is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Cleopatra pack

Goat butter, almond, sunflower, soy and grape seed oil care for dry skin.

Evening primrose pack

The power of this bright flower gives your skin new elasticity and moisture. The fountain of youth for your skin!

Goat butter cream pack

The brilliant combination of pure goat butter and caring aloe vera gives moisture to your skin and makes it flawless – also suited in case of skin irritations!

Salt-oil pack

You skin will experience deep clensing an detoxification in a gentle way and will be pampered with warm, nutrifying oils. Due to the deep-cleasing effect, the salt-oil pack is particularly suitable as a preparatory treatment for caring treatments afterwards.


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