Spa water bathing section and fitness studio

Experience the soothing effect of the carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring):

Enjoy the 34-36° C warm spa water from goosenecks, floor bubblers or massage nozzles. The Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) improves the elasticity of the connective tissue above all in the joint area, stimulates the blood flow, promotes the metabolism in the muscles and thus has a relaxing effect. The natural carbon dioxide regulates the circulation and blood pressure and counteracts physical and mental strain.

The enlarged spa water bathing section offers its guests one therapy and two attraction pools with whirlpool and bubble lounger, one Irish-Roman steam bath as well as a relaxation gallery with infrared cabin (for a fee of EUR 2,00 only, 30 minutes for two persons) plus a separate relaxation room. In addition, the fitness studio with synchro exercise circle is to be found on the gallery of the bathing section.

The physical well-being of our guets is best provided for. “Fellner´s Restaurant“ with conservatory and terrace disposes of a separate guest bathrobe area. Apart from medical appointments, the restaurant is also open to guests without entrance. Small snacks, fresh salads, sandwiches as well as coffee and cakes and much more are also available in the tea house of the wellness section with terrace. In order to access the tea house, at least one entrance to the bathing section of the Sibyllenbad is required.

Advice: creature comforts are provided by the catering team of the restaurant “Fitteria Grünert” as well as by the teahouse with terrace.

Medical section in the Sibyllenbad

Radon, carbon dioxide and natural fango – natural remedies for your health:

For more than 30 years, the combination therapy of radon and carbon dioxide has been applied for long-lasting pain relief in case of rheumatic and spinal diseases. The balneological treatment in the Sibyllenbad is taken over by the medical director Dr. Omparkash Raj. Two additional medical practices are to be found in the neighbouring hotels. Apart from the bath tub area, fango and natural fango packs with spa water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) are offered. Ambulant preventive measures („spa treatments“), private cures or medicinal packages for self-payers of statutory health insurances are available in the medical section.

Be it on public health prescription or as a private patient – the medical section of the Sibyllenbad offers physiotherapy, physical therapy and massages. Additional treatments such as exercise treatments in the exercise pool as well as health courses are available in the spa water bathing section of the Sibyllenbad. In addition, the Sibyllenbad disposes of an offer of certified preventive courses in the fields of movement and relaxation. Apart from treatments on medical prescription, the medical section also offers wellness treatments. Our guests can moreover profit from a broad range of wellness treatments in the wellness section.

Wellness section with oriental bathing temple

Modern sauna section in Bauhaus style encounters Arabian bathing culture:

Experience the perfect contrast between a modern sauna and wellness section in Bauhaus style and the unique bathing temple in oriental style. Eight different saunas and a unique oriental bathing temple in Turkish Hamam style invite to rest and relaxation. Individual resting areas such as the bread-baking room, chimney room, heated loungers or waterbeds are awaiting you. Enjoy a glass of Turkish tea in the Moorish relaxation oasis after the bathing temple ceremony or rest in the marvellously designed sauna garden with outdoor whirlpool, sunbathing lawn and outdoor shower area.


Additional offers and extras

Leave the bath and come back again – the shift function, free entrance on your birthday or a guided tour through the wellness section: this and much more is awaiting you in the Sibyllenbad.

Spa gardens and certified vital course next to the Sibyllenbad

Rest, relaxation and fitness in marvellous nature with view of the Upper Palatiate landscape and the impressive Tillenberg can be experienced right next to the Sibyllenbad in the newly modernized spa gardens with certified vital course. Or dedicate your time to a good book in the newly built pergola with view of the Bohemian border ridge. Apart from the three theme gardens – farmers‘ garden, rose garden and herb garden – a chess set as well as the Minigolfstüberl (miniature golf parlour) with miniature golf course moreover invite to take a rest.

Nature tipp:
Part of the green area is extensively mowed as „low-fertility meadow”. It is a piece of nature and habitat for plants and small animals. We intentionally protect and promote the animal and plant diversity and thus enable also late bloomers and flowers to delight our guests with their beauty year after year.

You can be physically active in the vital course of the spa gardens on the three marked routes with distances between 3.2 to 10 km, offering varied tours for Nordic walkers, runners or hikers. Moreover, a route with eight stations explaining the Nordic walking technique as well as reactive training exercise charts can be found in the spacious spa gardens.


Oriental bathing temple currently closed for renovation

Dear guests,

our oriental bathing temple was opened in May 1997 and has been operating successfully until today. You probably know this from home: as buildings age, renovation and modernization become inevitable, and our Oriental Pavilion is no exception.

The oriental bathing temple is expected to be closed by spring 2026. All other facilities – saunas, swimming pools and the medical department – ​​will remain in business as usual during the renovation of the oriental bathing temple.