Annual inspection from 10 – 28 June 2024 – Sibyllenbad open!

We would like to continue to offer our guests the usual hygienic standards. We are therefore expected to carry out our annual mandatory inspection from 10 to 28 June 2024. During this time all pools and saunas will be serviced. The Sibyllenbad remains open during this time. One sauna floor is always in operation while the other is being maintained. The pools are taken out of service one after the other so that at least two pools are always open for the guests. We will announce in good time in advance which facilities will be out of operation and when. All facilities are scheduled to operate on weekends during the inspection.

Oriental bathing temple closed for renovation

Dear guests,

our oriental bathing temple was opened in May 1997 and has been operating successfully until today. You probably know this from home: as buildings age, renovation and modernization become inevitable, and our Oriental Pavilion is no exception.

The oriental bathing temple is expected to be closed by spring 2026. All other facilities – saunas, swimming pools and the medical department – ​​will remain in business as usual during the renovation of the oriental bathing temple.

Sibyllenbad: Medical section, bathing and wellness section

Medical section with balneological treatment – spa water section – wellness section with eight different saunas and oriental bathing temple:

The Sibyllenbad health centre comprises the Kurmittelhaus and the spa gardens with certified vital course. The Kurmittelhaus Sibyllenbad disposes of a medical section with balneological treatment as well as of a fango and bathing section. The guests find relaxation and recovery in the recently renovated spa water section with outdoor bathing area or in the wellness section with eight different saunas and a unique oriental bathing temple in Turkish Hamam style. In the fitness studio on the relaxation gallery, the guests can train in the synchro-exercise circle.

Two highly effective medicinal waters are used in the Sibyllenbad. For more than 25 years, the radon Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring) has been prescribed in a series of six to twelve single tub baths for long-lasting pain relief in case of rheumatic and spinal diseases. The soothing effect of the carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) can be enjoyed by our guests at 100 % in single tub baths; this water is moreover added to the pools in the bathing section.

The whole Kurmittelhaus is designed to fit the needs of disabled persons and is suitable for wheelchairs due to elevators, tub lifts, a fango room being accessible for wheelchairs, therapy pool lift, disabled persons’ dressing room (within the time control) and barrier-free wellness section. The oriental bathing temple is not accessible for wheelchairs.

Wellness offer

Entrance fees

Bathing section (with swimwear)

For medical reasons, children under the age of 10 have no right of access.

single ticket ticket of ten
early-riser ticket 2 hours (admission until 10.30 hrs) 7.50 €
happy-eventing ticket 2 hours (admission from 17.00 hrs) 7.50 €
1.5 hours 8.00 € 72.00 €
3 hours 11.00 € 99.00 €
day ticket 16.00 € 144.00 €

Wellness section (without swimwear)

Access from 14 years on! Wellness day for ladies every Tuesday from 17.00 h on (except public holidays) – closed for men! The acces to the bathing section is included.

single ticket ticket of ten
good morning wellness-ticket 3 hours (admission until 10.30 hrs) 14.00 €
3 hours 20.00 € 180.00 €
day ticket 25.00 € 225.00 €
Happy evening ticket 3 hours
(admission from 18.00 hrs)
15.50 €
Happy evening ticket 2 hours
(admission from 19.30 hrs)
10.50 €


timeout of bathing time per 30 minutes 1.50 €
loan deposit for bathrobe 30.00 €
cleaning fee for bathrobe 5.00 €
loan deposit for sauna towel 15.00 €
cleaning fee for sauna towel 1.50 €

Wellness treatments in the Wellness section


All treatments in the wellness section requireat least an entrance to the bathing section.Please make an appointment for your treatment in advance. We are pleased to reserve dates for you and are at your disposal under phone number ++49 (0)9638 933-0

Ayurvedic oil massage

Relaxing and invigorating massage with sesame oil – in order to stimulate the energy flow within the body. Body, spirit and soul in harmony!

Massage, back and legs approx. 30 min. incl. resting period afterwards43.50 €
Full-body massage, approx. 60 min incl. resting period afterwards87.00 €

Calendula massage

The natural ingredients of calendula hav anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, healing, nourishing an protective effect on the skin. Healing for the skin!

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €

Essential pine oil massage

Enjoy the soothing effect of ethereal essential pine oil in a mixture of valuable natural oils.

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €

Exotic dream massage

Enjoy the revitalizing massage with warm almond oil and get enchanted by the exotic scent of mango and coconut. An exotic pleasure for all your senses!

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €


Experience the fascinating combination of massage, energy work and the pleasant effects of hot basalt and cold marble stones.

Back massage, approx. 45 minutes incl. resting period afterwards87.00 €

Lava shell massage

Enjoy the deeply relaxing warmth of the shells during a gentle massage with grape seed oil. Unique relaxation!

Full-body massage, approx. 30 min. incl. resting period afterwards43.50 €

Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian temple massage

„To be touched by the gentle paws of a contented cat“ – this is the meaning of a unique festival for all your senses. Let yourself be carried off to a world of perfect relaxation!

Massage, back and legs, approx. 45 minutes incl. resting period afterwards87.00 €
Whole-body massage approx. 90 minutes incl. resting period afterwards130.50

Pharaoh´s massage

Experience relaxation through expert hands and the caring effects of pure goat butter fluid, healing panthenol and natural aloe vera. Also suited in case of skin irritations!
A royal pleasure for the skin!

Massage, back and legs approx. 20 min.29.00 €
Full-body massage, approx. 30 min.43.50 €

Treatment under the sparkling starry sky

Kurland ® Rasul ® Cream Peeling

The presumably most beautiful room in the Sibyllenbad is all dedicated to skin care. Enjoy the sensual scent of valuable oils in a mixture of white medicinal mud. The peeling with Atlantic sea salt and skin-tightening algae extracts makes your skin soft and smooth – a wonderful skin feel lasting for days.
Enjoy silky-smooth skin!

approx. 25 min.25.00 €

Softpacks in the waterbed

The packs in the pleasantly warm waterbed spoil your skin while you relax wrapped in valuable ingredients and soft fleece. Enjoy the care of high-quality creams and oils unfolding their effect while you float weightlessly on the water surface without touching it. Enjoy the caring pack alone or in pairs! Choose your favourite pack independent of your partner, but enjoy together in one room!

Price per softpack and person29.00 €

New: Seaweed pack

Relax with the cleansing power of the sea. This detox pack stimulates your cell metabolism, tightens and smoothes the skin. The algae pack is recommended for dry or pale skin, skin prone to inflammation as well as cellulite and weak connective tissue.

New: Forest peeling

Warm, woody scents are reminiscent of freshly cut wood and juicy bark. The pack is ideal for detoxifying and cleansing the skin. The invigorating scent of the forest has a mentally balancing effect on inner restlessness. The forest peeling is suitable for mild skin irritations, for detoxifying, clarifying and cleansing the skin and for hyperacidity of the skin.

New: South Sea peeling Coco Mango

The combination of rich almond oil and valuable rock powder gently exfoliates the skin and nourishes it intensively. A fruity scent of mango and coconut pampers the senses. The peeling has a moisturizing, skin-refining and soothing effect. It is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Cleopatra pack

Goat butter, almond, sunflower, soy and grape seed oil care for dry skin.

Evening primrose pack

The power of this bright flower gives your skin new elasticity and moisture. The fountain of youth for your skin!

Goat butter cream pack

The brilliant combination of pure goat butter and caring aloe vera gives moisture to your skin and makes it flawless – also suited in case of skin irritations!

Salt-oil pack

You skin will experience deep clensing an detoxification in a gentle way and will be pampered with warm, nutrifying oils. Due to the deep-cleasing effect, the salt-oil pack is particularly suitable as a preparatory treatment for caring treatments afterwards.

Bathing days and spoiling offers for two

Bathing days

Bathing day „One day for me“ (Ein Tag für mich)

  • Day ticket for the bathing and wellness section
    Royal pharaohs‘ massage, back and legs (approx. 20 min.)
    Sibyllenbader Wohlfühlmenü (Sibyllenbad wellness set meal), optionally in different restaurants

Package price per person 68.50 €

Relaxation with volcanic power (Entspannung mit der Kraft des Vulkans)

  • Day ticket for bathing and wellness section
  • Sibyllenbad natural fango in the waterbed
  • Pleasant relaxation massage, back
  • Sibyllenbad “Wohlfühlmenü” (feelgood set menu), electively in different restaurants

Package price per person 90.50 €

New: Bathing day “Relaxation with the power of nature”(Badetag “Entspannung mit der Kraft der Natur)

  • Day ticket for bathing and  wellness section
  • Stimulating forest peeling in a pleasantly warm water bed, approx. 20 minutes.
  • Deeply relaxing pine oil massage, back and legs, approx. 20 minutes.
  • Sibyllenbader Wohlfühlmenü (Sibyllenbad wellness set meal), optionally in different restaurants

Package price per person 97.50 €

New: Bathing day “Caribbean for skin and soul” (Badetag “Karibik für Haut und Seele”)

  • Day ticket for bathing and  wellness section
  • Fruity South Sea Coco-Mango peeling in a pleasantly warm water bed, approx. 20 minutes.
  • Exotic dream massage with warm almond oil, back and legs, approx. 20 minutes.
  • Sibyllenbader Wohlfühlmenü (Sibyllenbad wellness set meal), optionally in different restaurants

Package price per person 97.50 €

New: Bathing day “(not only) for men”(Badetag “(nicht nur) für Männer”)

  • Day ticket for bathing and  wellness section
  • Spicy beer bath in the Sibyllenbad sound tub
  • soothing hop cream rub
  • Sibyllenbader Wohlfühlmenü (Sibyllenbad wellness set meal), optionally in different restaurants

Package price per person 105.50 €

Spoiling offers for two

Time is precious. Spend your time with a nice person. With our spoiling offers for two, you can also enjoy
treatments together. Relax with a caring bath while your companion enjoys a pleasant massage right near.
Our advice: a voucher for our spoiling offer for two as a gift. You do not only give away an unforgettable bathing day, but also an unforgettable time à deux.

Enjoy as a couple with all your senses (Zu zweit mit allen Sinnen genießen)

(total feel-good time approx. 70 min.)

  • Day ticket for bathing and wellness section
  • soothing stone pine oil bath in the Sibyllenbad sound tub
  • relaxing pine oil massage, back and legs

Price for two persons 141.50 €

New: Young (at heart) and beautiful for two – Jung(geblieben) und schön für Zwei

  • Day ticket for bathing and  wellness section
  • skin tightening algae pack in a pleasantly warm water bed, approx. 20 minutes.
  • Ayurvedic oil massage, back or foot, approx. 30 minutes including resting period

Price for two persons 185.00 €

Wellness treatments in the medical section

You do not need any entrance ticket for treatments in the medical section. Please make apppointments for your treatments beforhand under phone number 0049 9638 9330.

Relaxation massage (Entspannungsmassage)

Allow yourself this soothing back and neck treatment. Feel how your tense muscles give in to the gentle pressure of expert hands and enjoy the feeling of pleasant looseness and relief.

Back massage, approx. 20 minutes 27.00 €
Whole-body massage, approx. 30 minutes 40.50 €
Whole-body massage, approx. 40 minutes 54.00 €

Foot reflexology (Fußreflexzonenmassage)

The reflex zones situated at the feet are a direct link to all other parts of your body. By gentle pressure on the individual reflex zones, the respective organs and nerve tracts are stimulated. These impulses have a balancing effect on the immune system and the whole organism.

approx. 40 minutes incl. resting period afterwards 54.00 €

Sibyllenbad natural fango – depth effect from the volcano

The agreeable heat in the pleasantly tempered waterbed as well as the heat-retaining effects of our natural fango from volcanic rocks provide for relief and deep relaxation in case of painful joints and tense muscles. The effect is increased by the addition of carbon dioxide containing spa water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring): the natural carbon dioxide increases the effects of the natural fango by improving the blood flow in the treated body parts, strengthening the immune system, encouraging the elasticity of the muscles as well as invigorating the metabolism. As a supplement to the Sibyllenbad natural fango, a comfrey treatment is recommended. For centuries, the medicinal herb comfrey has been known as a remedy against painful joints and muscles, in case of sprains and rheumatism. Already Paracelsus and Hildegard von Bingen used comfrey as a natural remedy. The comfrey root extract is added to the Sibyllenbad natural fango immediately before the treatment so that the medicinal plant can unfold its maximum effect.

Against an extra charge, your prescription for a paraffin fango treatment can be upgraded to a high-quality Sibyllenbad natural fango treatment. The surcharge for comfrey amounts to an additional 0.80 €.

pack per person 24.00 €

Carbon dioxide mineral bath (Kohlensäure-Mineralbad)

In the tub, the natural carbon dioxide is released through small gas bubbles which accumulate on the skin. Through the skin, the carbon dioxide penetrates into the body and unfolds its circulation-enhancing and relieving effect on the cardiovascular system. A tingling and healthy experience with 100% carbon dioxide spa water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring).

per Person an bath 21.50 €

Offers and prices 2024

Cure offers for self-payers 2024

The following offers cannot be reimbursed by health insurance.

Radon-carbon dioxide combination bath in the single tub 21.50 €
Carbonated mineral bath 21.50 €
Sibyllenbad natural fango 24.00 €

Please contact our spa doctor beforehand. He can give medical advice (in English an German language).

You can only add the following services in connection with baths:

Two hours entrance to the bathing section 7.50 €
Day ticket for the bathing section 11.00 €
Day ticket for the bathing and wellness section 20.00 €
Surcharge oxygen inhalation per single tub 6.50 €

The oxygen inhalation can only be booked in combination with an individual tub bath for 6.50 € per bath. The inhalation of oxygen during the baths increases the circulation-enhancing effects of the carbonic acid. Oxygen is released to the brain, heart and skeletal muscles in a better way. An existing oxygen deficiency can thus be remedied and the performance of the organs concerned be enhanced.

Please make your appointment for your treatments with our guest service under phone 0049 9638 933-0 in advance and due time.

Sauna section (without swimmwear)

Eight different saunas in Bauhaus style invite to healthy pleasures – a sauna visit is like a short holiday in-between! Relax and recover in the individual resting areas such as chimney room, bread-baking room – or enjoy the marvellously designed
sauna garden with medicinal water whirlpool and sunbathing area on good weather days.

Infusion sauna

Different infusions with natural essential oils and a large variety of different scents

Pine Sauna

Temperature: 85° C, automatic infusion

Birch sauna

Right next to the outdoor shower area in the marvellously designed  sauna garden
90° C and more

Steam sauna

Cycle-gentle sauna pleasures at approx. 45° C, good for the respiratory tracts

Vital sauna

Cycle-gentle sauna variant at approx. 60° C with coloured light therapy

Stone sauna

Pleasant humidity through aromatic infusions every 15 minutes

Herb sauna

Pleasant scent of medicinal herbs at approx. 75° C

Hay sauna

Enjoy the scent of fresh hay at 80° C

Medicinal water containing radon from Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring)

The main indication of medicinal water containing radon is chronic pain in patients with rheumatic and spinal diseases. The Katherinenquelle (Catherine spring) is a natural source of radon water in in the Upper Palatinate Forest, and has been in use since 1964. Radon therapy as a series of individual tub sessions has been practiced in Neualbenreuth since 1989 – then in the bathhouse Maiersreuth – and since 1996 with an increased tub capacity in the Kurmittelhaus Sibyllenbad in the Kurallee.

Radon is a highly volatile noble gas, which is dissolved in the medicinal water. As a slightly radioactive element it disintegrates with a half-life period of 3.8 days. In the tubs of the Sibyllenbad, an optimum radon concentration between 1.600 and 2.000 becquerel for pain therapy is ensured.

In the framework of a radon therapy at Sibyllenbad, a series of at least six to twelve single bathing sessions is prescribed. The duration per bath at 36° C is 20 minutes with a subsequent resting period of another 20 minutes.

During the bath, the patient absorbs the radon through the skin and lungs, and releases it subsequently through the lungs. In the course of this process, a small part of the element disintegrates within the body into its progenies. When disintegrating, radon releases alpha radiation, which is responsible for processes on the cell level alleviating pain, reducing inflammation and positively influencing the immune system as well as endogenous repair mechanism. For the patient, a radiation dose of max. 2 mSv (with approx. 10 bathing sessions) is harmless. The same holds true for the staff working in the tub area.

Unique radon-carbon dioxide combination baths

The radon-carbon dioxide combination baths are unique in the Sibyllenbad. The therapy is based on medicinal carbon dioxide water, to which radon water is added underneath the water surface. The radon-carbon dioxide combination bath comprises approx. three tub fillings of medicinal water. Bathing in medicinal carbon dioxide water improves the blood flow, relieves the cardiovascular system and improves the absorption capacity of the skin. This improves the effectiveness of the radon therapy considerably.

The fundamentals of the radon-carbon dioxide combination baths in the Sibyllenbad were developed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang A. Grunewald, who acted as medical director and balneologist in the Sibyllenbad from 1989 to 2012. Through the innovation of radon-carbon dioxide combination baths it became possible to use radon therapy for patients with rheumatic and cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension (elevated blood pressure). The combination therapy is particularly gentle and well tolerated by patients.

The large regeneration bath – radon, carbon dioxide and oxygen

In the large regeneration bath, the patient inhales medical oxygen during the radon-carbon dioxide combination bath. The oxygen supply in the organs is thus improved. The large regeneration bath with radon, carbon dioxide and oxygen inhalation is above all suited for preserving quality of live in old age, and for preventing premature ageing.

Radon baths in the Sibyllenbad are subject to medical prescription.

The most important and effective active substances of the radon Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring) per liter of spa water:

Radon content (222Rn) 83,5 nCi/l resp. 3100 Bq/l
Cations (mg/l)
Natrium (Na+) 19,7
Calcium (Ca2+) 21,0
Magnesium (Mg2+) 6,4
Iron (Fe2+ , Fe 3+) 1,3
Anions (mg/l)  
Fluoride (F) 0,2
Chloride (Cl) 21,4
Sulfate (SO4 2-) 18,5
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-) 90,0
Source temperature in °C 9,4

Main indications for the radon Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring)

Chronic autoimmune disorders

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  • Chronic rheumatism of the joints (chronic polyarthritis)
  • Bechterew´s disease (Morbus Bechterew)
  • Soft-tissue rheumatism (polymyalgia rheumatica)
  • Early stage multiple sclerosis
  • Atopic dermatitis

Chronic degenerative diseases

  • Arthrosis (large joint arthrosis, hip and knee arthrosis, small joint arthrosis and vertebral body arthrosis (spondylarthrosis)
  • Metabolic disorders (e.g. gout)
  • Psoriasis, psoriasis arthritis
  • Spinal diseases (skoliosis, damaged discs and osteoporosis)
  • Condition after joint prosthesis and disc surgery

Diseases of peripheral nerves and the vegetative nervous system

Nerve damages:

  • Polyneuropathy
  • Borreliosus neuropathy
  • Trigeminus neuralgia
  • Zoster neuralgia
  • Phantom pain after amputations

Improvement of quality of life

  • Mental-physical states of exhaustion (burnout syndrome, vegetative dysregulation)
  • Physical performance deficit
  • Prevention of ageing (gerontological prophylaxis)

Cardiovascular diseases

  • Condition after heart attack, stroke, vascular dilation with and without stent
  • Condition after vascular surgery of the coronary vessels, leg or head arteries
  • Circulatory disturbances (of the coronary vessels, cerebral vessels, legs) as well as venous circulatory disturbances
  • Chronic respiratory diseases
  • Chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis

Experiences made by patients suffering from the Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) show signs of recovery for this disorder. For further information please contact Josef Hofbauer under

Contraindication for radon baths

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Acute stages of the diseases mentioned under the therapeutic indications
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Serious cardiac insufficiency
  • Pregnancy
  • Treatment of children

Cancer patients are recommended to have a radon therapy after a waiting period of one year following the end of their chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Consultation with the managing balneologist is necessary.

Medicinal water in the Sibyllenbad Spa: carbon dioxide and radon

The medicinal water of the radon spa Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring) can help to achieve long-lasting pain-relief, and the carbon dioxide spa Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) may help patients with cardiovascular disease and stress.

The Sibyllenbad offers two highly effective medicinal waters: water containing radon from Katharinenquelle (Catherine spring), and water with carbon dioxide from Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring). The rare noble gas radon is one of the most effective balneological remedies. Used in the necessary regularity, it reactivates endogenous self-healing powers, improves blood circulation, has analgesic effects, inhibits inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

Radon baths have been practised for more than 30 years in the Sibyllenbad for pain relief in patients with rheumatic, spinal and joint diseases. The baths are prescribed for a minimum of six individual sessions. The costs for a radon therapy are refunded by Germany’s statutory health insurances on a case-to-case basis as out-patient preventive measure (spa treatment), or are paid for privately by patients.

The medicinal carbon dioxide water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) naturally regulates the circulatory system, has a balancing effect on blood pressure, improves vessel circulation, strengthens the heart and counters physical and mental strain. The elasticity of the connective tissue, above all close to the joints, as well as the blood flow are improved and the muscular system is relaxed.

The medicinal carbon dioxide water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) is added to the pools in the spa’s bathing section at a percentage ranging from 50 to 70%. Undiluted medicinal carbon dioxide water can be enjoyed during single bathing sessions. In the basement of the Kurmittelhaus, the guests can help themselves free of charge at the drinking fountain with medicinal carbon dioxide water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring).

Carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring)

Water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) naturally regulates the circulation, has a balancing effect on blood pressure, improves the blood flow and counteracts physical and mental strain.

Baths at the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) are prescribed both in the single tub (100 % carbon dioxide spa water) and with a concentration of 30-70 % in the spa water bathing section.

Natural carbon dioxide (CO2) accumulates on the surface of the skin and penetrates the skin. A slightly reddened skin can be observed which is due to an increased blood flow caused by the penetrating carbon dioxide. Through the increased blood flow in the skin, the carbon dioxide has the following systemic effects:

  • Improved blood flow properties (viscosity)
  • Reduced resistance in certain blood vessels in the head, heart and legs, thus improved blood flow in these areas
  • Reduced heartbeat frequency (pulse rate)
  • Relief of the cardiovascular system
  • Improved oxygen supply of the organs
  • Mental stabilization

Indications for the carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring)

  • Borderline hypertension
  • Condition after stroke
  • Condition after heart attack, dilation of the coronary vessels (PTCA) with or without stent as well as after bypass surgery (ACVB)
  • Cardiac arrhythmia with and without pacemaker
  • Peripheral arterial circulatory disturbances of the legs with skin involvement and reduced walking distance (intermittent claudication)
  • Neuro-circulatory disturbances, e.g. in case of diabetes (diabetic polyneuropathy)

Carbon dioxide mineral baths can be prescribed – like radon baths – with additional oxygen inhalation. The oxygen is absorbed by the brain, heart muscle and leg muscles and performance is increased in these areas.

Movement therapy in the spa water bathing section

The body is heated up in the exercise pool and the elasticity of the connective tissue, especially close to joints, is increased, the blood flow is improved and the muscles are relaxed.

Movement therapy in the spa water is particularly important in the Sibyllenbad – as controlled self-treatment, as group sessions or as an individualexercise in the exercise pool in the course of which the therapist works together with the patient in the spa water.

Drinking fountain in the basement

In the basement of the Kurmittelhaus, guests can help themselves free of charge at the drinking fountain with carbon dioxide spa water from the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring).

The most important and effective active substances of the carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) per liter of spa water

Dissolved, gaseous substances (mg/l)
Free carbon dioxide (CO2)
Cations (mg/l)
Natrium (Na+) 161,5
Calcium (Ca2+) 106,9
Magnesium (Mg2+) 31,7
Iron (Fe2+ , Fe 3+) 2,7
Anions (mg/l)  
Fluoride (F) 0,9
Chloride (Cl) 72,8
Sulfate (SO4 2-) 44,4
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-) 775,0
Source temperature in °C

Doctors’ consultation hours in Bad Neualbenreuth-Sibyllenbad

Dr. med. (Almaty) Omparkash Raj

Medical director and balneologist in the Sibyllenbad, specialist for internal medicine

Consultation hours

The consultation hours take place on Mondays and Thursdays by appointment. Please make an appointment in advance on tel. ++49 (0)9638 933-0. The consultation hours take place in the balneologist practice (first floor) of the Kurmittelhaus Sibyllenbad.

Telephone consultations

Patients with balneological certificate can make use of a telephone consultation with the medical director before their cure. Take advantage of this offer and clarify medical questions in advance in order to receive a preliminary medical schedule prior to arrival. You can thus make appointments in time and better plan your stay with us. In addition, you spare yourself waiting times upon arrival. The telephone consultation, however, does not replace a consultation meeting with the balneologist.

Please leave your contact details and the best time for us to reach you with our guest service on Tel. 09638 933-0. Dr: Raj will then contact you. The consultation hours are possible in German and English.


Private prices medical section Sibyllenbad

Price list for self-payers and privately insured persons in the medical section


Radon bath (subject to medical prescription) 24.40 €
Carbon dioxide mineral bath 25.70 €
Radon – carbon dioxide combination bath (subject to medical prescription) 25.70 €
Oxygen inhalation 8.80 €


Sibyllenbad natural fango partial pack 36.20 €
Sibyllenbad natural fango comprehensive pack 47.80 €
Surcharge for comfrey* 0.80 €
Paraffin fango pack 27.00 €


Relaxation massage, back* 27.00 €
Full-body massage* ca. 30 min. 40.50 €
Classical massage therapy (CMT) 27.00 €
Lymphatic drainage – large treatment 30 minutes (subject to medical prescription) 40.50 €
Lymphatic drainage – comprehensive treatment 45 minutes (subject to medical prescription) 61.00 €
Colon massage 27.00 €
Ultrasound heat therapy 13.50 €
Connective tissue massage 27.00 €
Underwater massage 40.50 €
Hot air 13.50 €


Exercise treatments in the exercise pool (individual treatment) 40.50 €
Exercise treatments in the exercise pool (group treatment) 15,60 €
Physiotherapeutic individual treatment 34.00 €
Group physiotherapy in the exercise pool (group treatment) 15,60 €
Traction treatment 20.50 €
Electrotherapy (subject to medical prescription) 13.50 €
Ice treatment 12.90 €
Equipment-based physiotherapy 46.20 €
Manual therapy 40.50 €

Appointment cancellations are free of charge 24 hours before treatment. Treatment appointments that are not canceled on time will be charged a cancellation fee of €1.00 per minute of treatment if the appointment can no longer be made.

Per prescription, a fee of EUR 10,00 becomes due, the personal contribution amounts to 10%. Payment is effected at the end of the treatment series in cash or by EC-card at the registration desk on the ground floor. For patients with entitlement to assistance we want to point out that not all services are refundable. Prior agreement with the health insurance or the responsible authority is thus recommended. Basically, the treatments marked with „*“ cannot be settled with the health insurance.

In order to enable our patients to fully use the treatment time for their therapy, changing cubicles and a limited number of lockers are available – independent of the time limit – in the customer medical section behind the registration desk on the ground floor. Thus, you can comfortably wait in the bathrobe for your treatment appointment. The transponder for closing and opening the locker is handed over upon scheduling your medical treatment appointment against signature. The lockers can only be used during the daily opening times of the medical section, a permanent occupancy for the whole duration of your stay is unfortunately not possible. Guests also using the bathing or wellness section are asked to use the changing rooms on the ground floor or basement behind the bath counter. During your treatment, a transponder with bathing time interrupt is available against a deposit in the medical section.

On request, a bathrobe can be borrowed against a deposit of EUR 30,00 and a cleaning fee of EUR 5,00 at the bath counter.

Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to one day prior to your treatment under phone ++49 (0)9638 933-0. In case of unexcused absence, the appointment is considered as kept.

Free health courses in the Sibyllenbad

You can take part in the following free health courses in the bathing section:


Wednesday and Friday 19.00 h
Saturday 14.00 und 16.00 h
Every 1. Sunday / month 10.00 h

Water gymnastics

Monday to Saturday 12.00 and 15.00 h
Sunday, public holidays 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00 h

Tickets with changing function – enjoy individually

You can enter the bath and come back  – without additional charge. You have treatments in the medical section? Please inform our team at the bath counter to receive a change transponder with interruption function of your bathing time. Please
also remember to settle treatments, food and drinks paid for at the after-pay counter before leaving the bathing section. Only then you may leave the bathing area.


Birthday present in the Sibyllenbad

Those celebrating their birthday enter the bathing and wellness section for free on their great day (against presentation of
their ID).

Mobile home port Sibyllenbad

Quietly situated and only 100 metres distant from the main entrance of the Sibyllenbad, the mobile home port (open all through the year) is located in the spa gardens with vital course. Guests with day and wellness tickets for the Sibyllenbad can leave the bath and return up to seven times.


  • Spacious, paved parking spaces also for mobile homes with more than eight metres in length
  • 21 parking spaces with power connection
  • Fresh water, draining and override disposal
  • Toilets on the port, C-WC
  • Waste disposal
  • Gas cylinder exchange and beverage service
  • Bread and roll service right to your mobil home’s door

Dial-a-Bus: for EUR 1,90 per person to every place in the municipality (Anrufbus Maischl, phone ++49 (0)170 781 7502)

The mobile home port is run by the Waidhas family who are also owners of the campsite Platzermühle. Thus, mobile homes can move between the campsite Platzermühle and the mobile home port Sibyllenbad without prior registration. Further information also avaible under or with the Waidhas family under phone ++49 (0)9638 912 200.

Overnight stays with the mobile home are subject to charges on the whole Sibyllenbad area. The mobile home port can only be used by mobile homes and not by caravans. Parking on the bus park is not allowed.

Übernachtungen mit dem Mobil sind im gesamten Sibyllenbad-Areal gebührenpflichtig. Der Reisemobilhafen ist ausschließlich für Reisemobile, nicht für Caravans. Das Parken auf dem Busparkplatz ist nicht gestattet.


Outdoor bathing area of the Sibyllenbad bathing section

Enjoy the soothing effect of the Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) in the 36° C warm outdoor pool or train your strength and stamina right near in the counter-current pool (27° C) and subsequently enjoy the marvellous view of the Upper Palatinate landscape from our sunbathing lawn with wooded hills spreading in front of you and gleaming in the sunlight.

Make use of our spa water in the outdoor area with warm and cold water course as well as integrated plunge pool. As an optimized Kneipp treatment, the cold water course encourages the blood reflux in the veins and improves the lymphatic circulation in case of venous weakness and lymphatic drainage disorders. The warm water course increases the oxygen supply of the muscles and and thus promotes mobility and flexibility. Important when taking contrast baths: always end with the cold water course.

In the neighbouring teahouse with terrace you can enjoy sandwiches, crispy salad plates, coffee and cakes as well as cold drinks. The teahouse is moreover open to guests of the bathing section. An entrance to the wellness section is not required to access the teahouse.

After the end of the bathing time in the bathing section, our wellness guests can use the section’s outdoor area for textile-free bathing pleasures.

The evaporation grotto offers an exclusive kind of refreshment and stimulation of the well-being. Pure mineral trace elements run over two high semicircular natural stone walls. Water drops moisten and cover the skin with a refreshing film of this mineral medicinal water – soothing for the respiratory tracts and the circulation, the bathing guest inhales a healthy natural mixture of medicinal water and oxygen from the surrounding air. Relaxation in the evaporation grotto for approx. 5 minutes provides for a gentle cooling down after a stay in the steam bath or the exercise pool. The inhalation of the evaporating medicinal water moreover has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tracts in case of:

  • Chronic nasal sinusitis
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Allergic bronchitis and asthma bronchiale (in case of doubt, please consult your doctor in advance)

Spa water bathing section and fitness studio

Experience the soothing effect of the carbon dioxide Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring):

Enjoy the 34-36° C warm spa water from goosenecks, floor bubblers or massage nozzles. The Sibyllenquelle (Sibyllen spring) improves the elasticity of the connective tissue above all in the joint area, stimulates the blood flow, promotes the metabolism in the muscles and thus has a relaxing effect. The natural carbon dioxide regulates the circulation and blood pressure and counteracts physical and mental strain.

The enlarged spa water bathing section offers its guests one therapy and two attraction pools with whirlpool and bubble lounger, one Irish-Roman steam bath as well as a relaxation gallery with infrared cabin (for a fee of EUR 2,00 only, 30 minutes for two persons) plus a separate relaxation room. In addition, the fitness studio with synchro exercise circle is to be found on the gallery of the bathing section.

The physical well-being of our guets is best provided for. “Fellner´s Restaurant“ with conservatory and terrace disposes of a separate guest bathrobe area. Apart from medical appointments, the restaurant is also open to guests without entrance. Small snacks, fresh salads, sandwiches as well as coffee and cakes and much more are also available in the tea house of the wellness section with terrace. In order to access the tea house, at least one entrance to the bathing section of the Sibyllenbad is required.

Advice: creature comforts are provided by the catering team of the restaurant “Fitteria Grünert” as well as by the teahouse with terrace.

Fitness in the Sibyllenbad

The Synchro-Circuit by SCHNELL is completely new: a whole-body training where the fitness devices adjust to your personal values such as weight, exercise angle etc. within seconds. On the occasion of your first training, all individual settings are recorded and stored on your personal training card with the assistance of an experienced therapist. For the next training, it is sufficient to simply put the card on the display of the device and to press START. It cannot be simpler! The Synchro-Circuit training by SCHNELL is a healthy and gentle training method for fitness beginners and advanced ones with little time. Endurance athletes benefit from these training units in the Sibyllenbad as well as from the power training units. With only two units at 13 minutes per week, you will significantly improve vitality and health.

Please make an introductory appointment in advance!

Entrance fees

incl. personal training card and Sibyllenbad towel (one-off)
25.00 €
Single ticket 1.5 h
6.00 €
Ticket of ten 1.5 h
54.00 €
Additional charge “Fitness with Sibylle”
(possible with all admissions to the bathing and wellness section)
4.50 €